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Our mission is to help others achieve financial freedom online so they can live the lifestyle that they love.

Believe In Yourself

You will have scepticism when considering joining us because it's something you've probably never been involved in before. The Global Forex Market was something we had never been involved in. However, after watching our friends obtaining great results week in, week out, we chose to join. All those doubts and negative thoughts soon vanished when we started getting paid every single Saturday. We now know finding this platform has been truly life changing for us. It can be for you too.

I'm Not A Technical Person

You don’t have to be. You purchase a pack that you are happy to come in on. We will help you register your account and purchase your pack if you are not happy to do so on your own. Then you can sit back and watch the returns coming in weekly from the traders, or you can share this amazing opportunity with others. If you do wish to share, you have everything provided for you where you can send people to, such as a Website, a Facebook group. weekly live presentations etc. It's simple!

I'm Too Old To Do Something New

Get rid of that thought immediately. Steve was 56 and myself 52 when we started out with CFX.  Getting involved in the community over a number of months, we soon realised that the people joining up were aged anywhere between 20 and 90 years of age. So please do not think you are too old to make a change to your circumstances.

I Have Very Little Time To Do This

Earning a passive income does not take time away from you. In order for you to obtain more time in your life, earning an income to replace your job should be high on your priority list. Take action, hit the learn more button below and start to make a change in your life. Having financial stability in your life can provide you with time freedom later.

Who Are Anita and Steve?

We've been self employed for just over 25 years running various traditional style bricks and mortar businesses. We never relied on the internet to make money, however we did work extremely long hours to earn a living.

Then, when the internet came along, we begrudgingly learnt some online skills. Those skills helped us transition into the online world so we could earn our money working smarter, not harder as we got older.

Since we moved online, we have never looked back.

The internet has certainly provided us with many opportunities in life.

CFX being the most life changing one out of all of them!

We joined CFX in April 2021, and are now earning consistent results week in , week out EVERY SINGLE WEEK totally hands free.

When you join our CFX family, we will help get you started so to avoid any rookie errors.

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