About Us


Our names are Anita and Steve Richardson and we are online entrepreneurs.

We never thought we would string that sentence together!

We have been self employed for just over 25 years and back then many moons ago, we never relied on the internet to expand our business in the beginning. We were very much from the old school, so paid adverts in the local paper, local magazines, word of mouth was basically it. Then the internet came along a few years later and begrudgingly we felt that we needed a web site to basically keep up with the Jones’s! We didn’t create that ourselves, we wouldn’t have known where to start!

What we’re trying to get across is, that in order to become an online entrepreneur, you DO NOT have to be clued up on all the technical stuff to get up and running.

If we can do it, then we know you can most definitely do it too.

Anyway, a bit more about our background.

Steve had started out in the catering trade from a very early age knowing that he wanted to own his own restaurant before the age of 30. I, on the other hand started out in banking and accountancy although I had been brought up in the pub trade. After meeting each other and getting married, we soon realised we both wanted something different than the mundane paid job with a boss hanging over us constantly telling us what to do. We both craved our own destiny and responsibility and that is what we set about doing.

We eventually opened our very own restaurant. We fought for every penny we could lay our hands on by doing overtime and taking extra jobs on to save money needed to fund the building work required. Banks wouldn’t come on board at the time as they classed the restaurant trade as a high risk investment.

Eventually, we opened our restaurant.

What a great achievement that was. We were so proud of ourselves!

We ran that highly successful business for 15 years right up until the recession hit us. That was a complete shock. Literally overnight, trade dropped drastically.

Not only did we have to cope with the HUGE drop in business, but Steve also took ill with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) following a horrific car crash. This double whammy basically forced our hand to close the restaurant down. No business, no head chef, no money to employ another chef. The business reluctantly went up for sale as we had no choice but to close it down.

We had to sell our house quickly and we moved into the flat above the restaurant in order to save some money whilst waiting patiently for the sale.

We knew we couldn’t sit still, so with some of that cash, we decided to invest in property in our local area. So, we began buying the worst house we could find in a street, renovating it and selling it on at profit. Hard work, but we learnt a great deal.

This proved fruitful for a while. However, the banks then changed their lending criteria for self employed people, and we could no longer get the mortgages on a self certification method. We needed proof of income with at least two years accounts behind us which we simply didn’t have! That stopped us again in our tracks. Another obstacle to overcome.

Now what?

In the meantime, the restaurant eventually sold which was a really sad time for us both. The day it sold, we both came crashing down to earth with a bang. We felt that we were failures. Our baby, our dream was sold off cheaply and was getting converted into a newsagents. We were mortified.

So, once again we were standing at the crossroads of life not knowing which way to turn. What could we do. We were both older, probably wouldn’t get jobs easily, felt we didn’t have the skills required to go into any work place after being self employed for so long.

Steve’s PTSD and anxiety flared up to new levels. I felt all the pressure was now on me to help sort this situation out. I was also struggling with family bereavements and caring for my elderly father as well. Enough was enough.

We talked things through and due to my love of cats, I decided to become a cat groomer. After much research, it appeared to be a good niche business to go into. So I headed down to London, got myself trained up to Master Level, returned home and opened up my new business venture. This business took off like I never believed it would. It was such a relief to be earning again.

However after 18 months of running the business, I now realise that my time is no longer my own. I am a mobile groomer, so most of my day goes in simply travelling to the jobs. I love the grooming side but it is very physical.

Unfortunately, once again, I was unable to earn money when I was badly scratched and infected by a cat. The virus took me by surprise and I was bedridden for months. This is where when being stuck in bed at home worrying about finances or lack of them, I discovered online marketing.

I was looking for a business that could be run from home and one that would not only give me financial freedom but my time back too. Life is too short to be wasted. You need to live your life while you have your health. That is when I stumbled upon the Six Figure Mentors. I did lots of digging around checking them out as I was sceptical at first.

I soon realised there were huge opportunities to be gained online and so I took a huge leap of faith, signed up and began training in how to become a digital online entrepreneur.

With the help of the information provided and the training sessions available to me, I realised I could be back in charge of our destiny. I truly was determined to obtain a better life for Steve and I.

It took me some time to convince Steve, but eventually he came fully on board with the whole concept.

We can now both say with hands on hearts, that this is the best thing we have ever done. We are back enjoying the journey of life. This lifestyle is giving us the freedom to do what we want, when we want. As long as we have a laptop and a Wi-Fi connection to hop onto, we can be based anywhere in the world. How fantastic. The best of it is, while our business is working away in the background, fully automated, we can be out and about enjoying ourselves.

We now want to pay this forward and get more people realising they can make the transition and change their lives for the better too. Just like we did.

Our vision is to help you to create a life of complete freedom, and you can achieve this by learning from the exact same mentors that we learnt from. We want to be part of your journey, and help you achieve your ultimate goal, time freedom and financial freedom giving you the fantastic lifestyle you deserve.

Ask yourself – how amazing would that be?

Don’t let anything stand in your way. Apply here